Posted on: 12 February, 2021

Author: Rosario Berry

Your bubble tea store should attract new prospects, now and then. It should entice them to want to come back. After all, they are the lifeblood of your business. Any business. So you need to maintain a smooth retail operation. Here are 4 proven tips for managing the retail operation of your bubble tea store. These tips could also help you attract new customers, keep existing customers, motivate your staff, and control inventory. 1. Stir up and maintain the interest Kick start a customer loyalty program. There are a lot of them out there. One of the tools to use is the candy bar ( setting up is easy - there's also a free trial to see if it supports retail operation). Whenever a new bubble tea series launches, inform both prospective and existing customers. 2. Focus on customers Paying attention to customers is critical to a retail operation. Be sure to attend to all their needs and deliver incredible customer service. Increasing customer satisfaction by the barest minimum can help make loyal customers out of existing customers. Train employee to focus and stay sensitive to customers needsIf any of the staff make a mistake, try to pay attention to and address the concerns so it doesn't happen again. In other words, you should handle the issue as they come up, not leave them in the dust. It's great to be nice, but never allow other people to take undue advantage of your good attitude. 3. Always update and motivate your staff Equip your staff with the right product knowledge. Update them on the latest bubble tea series and train them on what they need to know about them. Gift them sales incentives to help them stay happy and motivated. For instance, organize a sales contest for completing a 50% quota within a particular period of the year - the winner goes home with a gift card. Setting aside 30 minutes to meet with your staff can go a long way toward improving your retail operation. One on one meeting template can help you manage your team, along with personal meetings for accountability and goal setting. 4. Grab customers attentionHave your bubble tea displayed in a way that grabs customers' attention. Stock them logically ( section by section) so that people can easily see the products. Also, have the boxes and packaging cleaned regularly. Your bubble tea store should always be kept neat. A dirty and unkempt store turns customers off. Ensure your staff dress appropriately and with their name tags displayed. This will help your customers identify your staff easily. Also, connect with customers by offering them a helping hand with whatever they are looking for. Here's a quick update- Gong Cha will launch the Little Star Jelly Series and Chocolate lava series by February. This series promises to be yummy and delicious. Don't miss out! There's also a new store opening in Quincy, MA on 1/29. Address: 7 Beale Street, Quincy, MA. Article Tags: Retail Operation, Existing Customers Source: Free Articles from Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Store Locations. Gong Cha has created an online ordering platform where customers can place Bubble Tea Online Order for their favorite bubble tea combo through their app or web page.