Posted on: 12 February, 2021

Author: Esha Zohal

Poisonous food affects a lot of people every day and half of these cases are due to restaurant unhygienic food. Therefore, it's very important to handle food especially meat properly.You can  use a catering fridge for storage.  Poisonous food affects a lot of people every day and half of these cases are due to restaurant unhygienic food. Therefore, it's very important to handle food especially meat properly. Make sure you use a catering fridge as it’s essential for storing food at a premium temperature. You can also use a catering freezer for storage.  Here are a few guidelines that you must follow to store meat safely.  Your food safety regimen that includes preparation areas, trash cans, cutting boards, and storage areas needs to be clean properly. It is necessary to clean and sanitize these surfaces because it will remove dirt, residue, and germs. And you won’t have the fear of contamination when your meat come in contact with these surfaces.  So, the first step in meat storage is to clean all the surfaces. At the restaurant, you can train your staff to follow sanitization procedures on a daily basis. First, scrape the leftover food. Then use hot soapy water to clean the surfaces. And in the last, clean the surface with water and sanitizing wipe.  When you left meat open, chances of contamination increase many times. The meat will not only contaminate itself but will also contaminate other foods. So, you should use proper tools and materials to wrap the meat properly before storage. Whatever you use either lids or cellophane, ensure that the wrapping material can prevent leakage.  Cellophane wrap is a good option for wrapping the pan containing meat tightly. If you are using lids you can still use cellophane wrap under the lid to prevent leakage. If at your restaurant you are required to store raw meat after marination, make sure you use extra cellophane wrap.  When handling meat, you need to ensure cleanliness. Not only your kitchen but you should also be clean. Washing hands before handling meat is necessary even if you are going to use gloves. Moreover, it is preferable to use disposable food-preparation gloves while handling meat if you don’t want to contaminate the meat.  As we know raw meat can contaminate everything that comes in its contact, if not stored properly. So, specify an area for meat handling and work with raw meat only in that specified area. For example, do not cut or wrap raw meat on a cutting board used for vegetable cutting or in an area designated for vegetable cutting.   There must be a specific place for meat in your cold storage. Moreover, you should also follow a hierarchy while storing all meats, poultry, seafood, etc. And raw meat should always be placed below the prepared food, fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, you should also know the safe temperature of every food while storing.  Raw meat can grow different types of molds, viruses, and bacteria that can cause illness and can even lead to death. E. Coli, Scrapie, BSE, and Trichinosis like illnesses come from meat and can cause serious symptoms. So, follow the proper safety guidelines and store safely. Make sure your staff know and follow all the safety measures.  Once the ground meat reaches your kitchen try to store it as early as possible. Because storing the ground meat at a lower temperature is necessary to slow down the growth of bacteria. Do follow the storage hierarchy. As we discussed above first you will place fruits, vegetables, and prepared food, and then ground meat. Poultry will go below the ground meat.  Moreover, there should be special guidelines with food storage dates when you are storing different types of food. When you place meat in the cold storage make sure you have labelled it with storing date. So, you can follow the “first in, first out” rule.  Source: Free Articles from I am Professional Content Writer and Social Media Expert with 3 years of experience. Over these three years, I have established a good reputation with critical thinking, and innovative ideas. I am interested in exploring online opportunities.