Posted on: 23 January, 2018

Author: Karina Garcia

Pu-erh tea is one of the favorites in the weight loss tea category because it has a number of properties that will help you lose weight more quickly and effectively.  Before we begin explaining how to lose weight by drinking pu-erh tea, it’s important to note that pu-erh tea only enhances what you are already doing for your weight loss. That means that you need to be on a good diet and exercise regimen in order for the pu-erh tea to help you lose weight.   When to Drink Pu erh tea for Weight Loss   Drinking Puerh tea should be timely to get the best results, example the intake should be timed to maximize metabolism of fat. The right time to take a glass of Pu-erh tea for weight loss is at least one hour after a meal, this gives the Pu-erh tea time to remove excess grease and help the body eliminate hard to digest or unwanted fats.   If you drink the tea an hour before you eat a meal it may cause the opposite effect and you end up gaining weight because it clears up fat deposits in the body and any residue in the stomach thus increasing your appetite and causing you to eat more.   Another ideal approach is to drink Pu-erh tea throughout the day as your choice of tea without adding any other tea or drinks to your diet. This will get you most noticeable weight loss.   How to Brew Pu Erh Tea   Source: Free Articles from Karina Garcia is sales manager of JK Tea Shop, authentic Chinese Loose Leaf tea supplier, for more information, please visit our website at: