Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Author: Dilian Stoyanov

Baking with cannabis is a slightly complicated process, you have to be smart about how you bring a bud to your baking. Here are some of our best tips to get you started in the right direction. Nobody who has seen the rise of culinary-based reality television could disagree: cooking is, without question, an incredible art form. At a minimum, cooking demands time, patience and attention to detail — and a whole lot of love.     Baking is often characterized as chemistry: formulaic combinations of wet and dry ingredients. Even if you’re not baking from any new recipe, your results can vary wildly if you’re not careful to follow instructions.   When it comes to baking with cannabis, an already formulaic process gets a little more complicated. It’s not enough to just incorporate the cannabis, you have to be mindful and smart about how you bring a bud into your baking. Here are some of our best tips to start you off in the right direction:   PREP       Once you’ve decarbed your stash, select your method of infusion and get cooking! There are a wide range of ways you can use your newly decarbed cannabis but for now, we’ll stick with something quick and easy.     INFUSION   On its own, coconut oil has plenty of health benefits: high in healthy saturated fats and it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Cannabis-infused coconut oil is easy to make and super versatile. Coconut canna oil can be taken alone or baked into all kinds of tasty edibles. Naturally, whichever strain you used for the decarbing process will give the coconut oil that same effect, which also makes it very customizable. For this you’ll need:         Now you’re finally ready to whip up your baked goods. If this is your first time trying a batch of canna oil, here’s your chance: measure out ¼ to ½ of a tablespoon and taste, waiting at least 2-3 hours before taking more. After checking in with how you’re feeling you should have a good idea of the potency you’re working with.     As a general rule, it’s always better to stick with the baking recipes you’re most familiar with. Knowing how many servings each recipe can produce will help determine roughly how much THC you’ll get per muffin, cookie or tart based on how many tablespoons of oil you used. Add more oil for stronger stuff, or use half butter and half oil for a more mild experience. Whichever route you take, make sure to stir your baking mixture as thoroughly as possible for an even distribution of THC in your batch.   Happy cooking!   Source: Free Articles from