Posted on: 05 January, 2018

Author: Anas Jafri

Since very long in history, promotional products are popularly used by businesses to promote their brand, business and products. Among the overwhelming number of choices in the segment of promotional products, Growler Koozies seem to be one of the most preferred option for several businesses. If you have decided to promote your business through growler koozies, here is a step by step guide. Choose the koozie materialThere are quite a few options with regard to koozie material. The most common one is neoprene. This is very popular since it is economical, provides a fine grip under the fingers, provides a fantastic medium to print and is easily storable and transportable. Ensure that the company you work with provides you good quality neoprene growler koozies that will be liked by your customers. Decide the colorThese days, growler koozies can be manufactured in any color. The choice of koozie color must follow several considerations. In the first place, the prime purpose of growler koozies is that they facilitate printing the business information on them. Hence, the choice of the koozie’s color must take into account the color of your company logo and the color of the print you wish to do. Only when you choose a contrasting color for the koozie, you will provide a fitting background for the print you will achieve on them. How to print on the kooziesIt is important to do a lot of homework on what you will be printing on the growler koozies. The prime purpose of your product promotion campaign is to spread the awareness regarding your products and attract more people to buy your products through the advertisement you will print on the koozies. Hence prepare the matter to be printed on the koozies focusing on what will appeal to the customers. Place your logo and give comprehensive details about your products in an attractive way. While too many details can be bad, you must ensure the message you print gives a comprehensive understanding of your products and services. Find the right ways to distribute the growler kooziesGrowler koozies can be distributed during regular business days, promotional events, fairs, festivals and advertising campaigns. Invest some innovative ways to distribute the growler koozies to the public focusing on the prospective buyers’ circles. This will help spread the awareness regarding your products and give a boost to your marketing efforts. Find the best promotional products company to work withTo get the most out of your product promotional campaign, it is crucial that you choose the best promotional products company to work with. Do a thorough research to find the company that is reliable, well experienced in the field and can give you the best quality products at the best prices. When you have some business promotion event coming up, you must get the deliveries in time. Hence ensure that the company you choose can deliver the required volume of orders within the stipulated time. Once you ensure all these aspects, consult the firm on how to get custom printed koozies. Source: Free Articles from Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Consumer products. Currently he is writing about how to purchase Solo Cup Koozie and Pint Glass Koozie.