Posted on: 12 February, 2021

Author: Sanjeevonline

Menthi Pasupu Podi / Menthi Gunda Powder   The Age Old traditional Powder passed on to us from our previous generations made from Frying Dried Turmeric Rhizomes, Coriander Seeds, fenu Greek Seeds, r...   The Age Old traditional Powder passed on to us from our previous generations made from Frying Dried Turmeric Rhizomes, Coriander Seeds, fenu Greek Seeds, red Chillies, Jeera, Curry leaves, Salt, Garlic & Castor Oil. Menthi Pasupu is versatile in use for any curries and super healthy for pregnant women, kids and elderly. This not only add flavours, turmeric color & taste to your dishes but also gives a super addon which is immunity boost with its antifungal and antibacterial properties from Menthi / Fenu Greek Seeds & Turmeric.   Highlights   Menthi Pasupu is one of the most flavored Powdered Masalas which can be consumed on a routine basis with Daal, Fish curry, any vegetable curry or else even an Egg curry. Menthi Pasupu / Menthi Gunda podi can also be used to marinate the Non vegetarian dishes while preparing the same. Moreover, what adds to the key significance of this powder is the gamut of Medicinal properties. These Medicinal properties form the root base of the secret of our traditional kitchens. At the baseline, the Menthi Pasupu podi can be treated no less than a “Sugar Coated Pill”. On one hand Turmeric comprises a houseful of Bioactive compounds and these are known as Curcuminoids. The most important Curcuminoid in Turmeric is Curcumin. Curcumin has Anti inflammatory properties. It is also a proven Anti oxidant compound. At the same time, the Curcumin decreases the levels of the Hormone which are the cause of Depression as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Curcumin also lowers the risk of Heart Disease. Furthermore, Turmeric has also been used to treat Cancer. Keeping all these Health Benefits of Turmeric, when it is blended with Fenugreek (Methi), the dual combination acts as the most valued wholesome ingredient of the Kitchen. In order to make this Powdered Masala, the Pasupu sticks need to be roasted and post that, these can be grinded in the Mixer. Instead of grinding the Pasupu sticks, we can also purchase the best quality Turmeric powder from the local store. 1 Kilogram of Turmeric powder is used for 500 grams of Fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds are known to reduce fever, plummet muscle pains as well as lower down the Menstrual cramps. Now, the Fenugreek seeds need to be roasted followed by the Cumin seeds and the Coriander seeds. 100 grams of Coriander and 100 grams of Cumin is more than the required for the preparation of the combination of Methi Pasupu. Red chillies are also roasted. 100 grams of Red chillies is the most appropriate value for preparing this powder. Red chillies help in Pest control and at the same time, it also increases the Shelf life of Turmeric. We also add the Black Pepper to the Red chillies while roasting. The Black Pepper has innumerous Healing properties and it also favors the absorption of Curcumin. The whole Garlic pods are also warmed up in order to kill the bacteria. We use 150 grams of Garlic in order to prepare this powder. The aforementioned ingredients are roasted/warmed up so that there is no accumulation of Fungus in either of these. Finally, a big bowl of Curry leaves are roasted. Salt is also heated after this. The heating of Curry leaves and Salt is quintessential since both of these might be left with some level of moisture. Therefore, in order to eradicate this moisture level, we have to perform this process, or else the final product might get Fungus caught. Except the roasted Garlic, all the ingredients are mixed well with the Turmeric powder. After this, the roasted Garlic pieces are added and all these components are mixed well with 100 grams of Castor Oil. The specific use of Castor Oil caters to the fact that it increases the Shelf life of the of the Product. While mixing these ingredients, we keep a check that our hands are absolutely dry and there is no single trace of even the slightest moisture.   Menthi Pasupu podi is indeed a fabulous gift from the Andhra. Once upon a time, our Grandmothers have spend hours to prepare such awesome Hand made Delicacies. The Methi Pasupu is not only a powdered Masala, but it also plays a key role in vitalizing all the five essential senses of our Body. It helps us to improvise our Immune system and keeps us protected from many Dreadful body ailments. In addition, this product can be consumed with Gongura Pappu, Sambar, Fish Pulusu and Meat curry. The Rainy and Winter season is the most significant time when this powder can be consumed. In case, you are suffering from Fever and Cold, this powder can be added with Sonti podi and Ghee in a plateful of Hot rice. After reading about this Masala, do you want to wait yet to purchase it ? We are here to provide to you the best quality of the Methi Pasupu which is not only Healthy, but also a secret for the Kitchen taste !! Ingredients :     Shelf life : Best before 365 days from the manufacturing date. consume at the earliest for best taste and aroma. Don't keep exposed to the atmosphere after opening.   Storage : Store in airtight box after opening for taste, color and aroma Taste : Yellow in Color, Mild Spicy, Best as for preparing any veg or non veg dish and good for all ages.  Usage : You can use Menthi Pasupu / Methi Karam Podi, the super healthy spice-mixed turmeric powder in regular cooking like in curries, fries, dal, biryani, even in marination of meat or fish. Source: Free Articles from Food lover specializing in Andhra cuisine of South India