Posted on: 20 December, 2019

Author: Nancy Whitman

The benefits of drinking white wine Improves lung performance – the consumption of sparkling white wines is commonly attributed to enhance lung performance. The special compounds contained within the wine, help to fortify lung fibres, which enhances lung capacity and provides clearer breathing. Safeguards the heart against dangerous cardiovascular diseases – studies have shown that moderate white wine consumption helps to fortify the body against deadly heart related issues. Can assist in weight loss – the components that make up white wine which has been purchased from a wine of the month club can be beneficial for those seeking to lose weight. A single glass per day helps the body to eliminate unwanted fat cells. Protects against brain diseases – studies have shown that the consumption of a moderate amount of premium wine can help protect the body against age-related diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s. The drawbacks of drinking white wine Excessive consumption can lead to weight gain – while a single glass of wine can be beneficial, drinking too much of it can be bad for your health, due to the number of calories contained within it. Overconsumption can lead to chronic intoxication – overconsumption of any alcohol, including white wine is very dangerous to a person’s health. It can cause high blood pressure – white wine consumption raises blood pressure, so those who have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease are strongly advised to consult their doctor. Can cause irreversible damage to children in the womb – white wine consumption, along with any alcohol for that matter, is best avoided during pregnancy as it can lead to a heightened incidence of miscarriage and stillbirth, along with a range of other permanent physical, behavioural and intellectual impairments. Causes tooth decay – white wines are sour by nature, due to the high acid content. This makes them especially bad for oral health. The benefits of drinking red wine Improves overall health and vitality of the heart – the special additives contained within red wine that has been purchased from a monthly wine club, has the capacity to defend the heart against deadly heart related conditions. Moderate red wine consumption improves cardiovascular health, while resveratrol helps to safeguard a person’s cells and fibres from further injury, in the event that they suffer a stroke or heart attack. Can prove beneficial for diabetics – red wine consumption, particularly those from international wines, halts the passage of blood sugar through the intestinal duct. This helps to protect diabetics from suffering a sudden rise in their sugar levels. Due to these qualities, red wine is often integrated into a nutritional plan for those suffering from diabetes. Beneficial for those seeking weight loss – the special additives present in red wine and organic wine help to combat weight gain by obstructing the generation and maturation of fat cells. Helps to protect the body against deadly diseases – one of the primary advantages of red wine consumption its ability to repel numerous progressive illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis and dementia. The drawbacks of drinking red wine Can impair your immune system – overconsumption of red wine can diminish the body’s autoimmune function, making a person more susceptible to contagious diseases. Cleansers can have detrimental effects – various cleansers contained within red wine can cause stomach aches, bowel issues and lung related issues for those who suffer from asthma. Can cause organ failure – excessive consumption of any alcoholic substance, including red wine, can cause organ related diseases and ultimately, organ failure. Conclusion Having weighed up the various positives and negatives of both white and red wines, we can see that red wine is better for your body. The difference can be largely attributed to the much greater concentration of resveratrol and other phenols that are present in red wine. All of these special compounds help to protect the body from deadly heart disease and other dangerous illnesses. Article Tags: White Wine Which, White Wine Consumption, White Wine, Wine Which, Diseases Ndash, Wine Consumption, Body Against, Against Deadly, Deadly Heart, Contained Within, Blood Pressure, Ndash White Source: Free Articles from Nancy Whitman is a contributor to leading Washington based wine of the month club, Cellars Wine Club.